King Vulture

King Vulture

Sarcoramphus papa
King Vulture at Tayto Park

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King Vultures are distinguished by their colourful head and neck, together with a strong, hooked beak. The king vulture is one of the largest and certainly the most colourful of the new world vultures. The head and neck are red, yellow, and bluish; the eyes are white with red eye-rings; the body is buff above and white below, and the neck fringe is grey. They have a thick, strong beak which is well adapted for tearing, and long, thick talons for holding the meat. 

Conservation Status:

Least Concern

LC Least Concern NT Near Threatened VU Vulnerable EN Endangered CR Critically Endangered EX Extinct

Habitat degradation and the destruction of habitat are threats to this magnificent vulture.

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