Golden Jackal

Golden Jackal

Canis aureus
Golden Jackal at Tayto Park

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The golden jackal, also known as the Asiatic jackal or common jackal, is a slender, medium-sized canid with long legs, a long pointed muzzle and a relatively short bushy tail. The coat of a jackal is coarse and as their name suggests golden or yellowish in colour. Coat colour may vary with season and region but the golden jackal can be distinguished from other jackal species by the black tip on their tail. 


Golden jackal are monogamous with breeding usually occurring during times of peak food availability. Females give birth to 2-4 pups per litter, though they can have litters up to 9. They rear pups in an underground den or disused termite mound. Gestation is approximately 63 days.

Conservation Status:

Least Concern

LC Least Concern NT Near Threatened VU Vulnerable EN Endangered CR Critically Endangered EX Extinct

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