Fishing Cat

Fishing Cat

Prionailurus viverrinus
Fishing Cat at Tayto Park

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The Fishing Cat is a medium sized cat found in South East Asia. As the name suggests, this cat likes to eat fish and has no problem jumping into water to grab one. It has a long body with short legs, a broad head and short tail. Fishing cats have two layers of fur, one dense and short to keep the cat warm in water and longer hair, called guard hair. The guard hair gives the cat a beautiful striped coat, which is great for camouflage. It is olive-grey in colour, with elongated dark brown spots, stretching down the length of its body. The ears are short and rounded with black on the back with white spots in the middle.


The birthing peaks between March and May. Females build a den in dense shrubbery, reeds, hallow trees or rock crevices. Gestation lasts 63-70 days and usually 1-4 kits are born. They are weaned by 4 to 6 months they are weaned. In captivity males have been recorded helping to raise the young but this has never been seen in the wild.

Conservation Status:


LC Least Concern NT Near Threatened VU Vulnerable EN Endangered CR Critically Endangered EX Extinct

Their main threat is the degradation of wetland habitat. At present over 50% of Asian wetlands are under threat and disappearing. This is mainly due to drainage for human settlement and agriculture. Overfishing and hunting are also primary threats.

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