Bush Dogs

Bush Dogs

Speothos venaticus
Bush Dogs at Tayto Park

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Bush dogs are canids, and are the smallest wild pack hunting dog, with packs consisting of a single mated pair and their offspring.  Bush dogs have stout, thick bodies, short legs and bushy tails.  They have specially adapted webbed feet, making them excellent swimmers and enabling them to hunt both on land and in water.  They use a complex range of vocalisations to communicate with one another, warning of predators in the area. 

Conservation Status:

The IUCN lists bush dogs as Near Threatened. The Bush Dog appears to be rare over its entire range and as a species has proven to be extremely difficult to locate in the wild, making estimates of population trends difficult.

LC Least Concern NT Near Threatened VU Vulnerable EN Endangered CR Critically Endangered EX Extinct

Threats to bush dog populations include habitat loss, reduction in prey abundance and disease transfer from domestic dogs.

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