Press Release


Tayto Park ‘LOVE YOUR ZOO’ Week returns from 26th May – 3rd June with exciting bird of prey and monkey weekend activities!


Love Your Zoo Week returns to Tayto Park, Irelands only theme park and zoo this May (26th May -3rd June) with a host of exciting activities for all the family to enjoy including a new ‘World of Raptors’ free flying birds of prey display and a special monkey weekend!


Visitors to the Birds of Prey Weekend at Tayto Park (Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th May) will get the opportunity to see various species of birds from all over the world at the parks open air seating arena. Not only will you get to feel the whizz of wind as an eagle flies past, aerial displays featuring the world’s largest eagles and fastest falcons, impressive vultures and iconic owls, visitors to the ‘World of Raptors’ will also have the opportunity to meet and greet the Tayto Park falconers. Families will learn all about these majestic species with educational talks and vulture feeding displays.


Tayto Park is also hosting its first Monkey Weekend (Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd June) with a host of exciting activities for families. Visitors will learn about the five species of primate at Tayto Park over the June bank holiday weekend with keepers hanging around the zoo to talk to visitors about all things monkey! Families will meet the latest troop of macaques, along with the parks trio of tamarins and their boisterous squirrel monkeys which will be sure to keep you amazed for hours before checking out the parks smallest monkey, the Silvery marmoset, weighing in at a tiny 350 grams.  


Tayto Park are encouraging any wildlife lovers, big and small, to come along and be creative, learn something new and get your hands dirty! At specially chosen locations throughout the zoo, there will be a variety of interactive experiences with Tayto Parks primate keepers where you can help out and design fun, tasty treats and puzzles. Then look on and share in the excitement as the parks monkeys put your creations to the test!

Also, make sure to stop by at our complementary arts and crafts hut for some special Love Your Zoo themed crafts!


‘Love Your Zoo’ week is an annual campaign established by BIAZA (Britain and Ireland’s association of zoos and aquariums) to promote the organisation and educate the public on zoos, aquariums and wildlife centres. To date Tayto Park has donated over €53,000.00 to various wildlife conservations and initiatives and recently agreed to support the Wildcats Conservation Alliance programmes in the amount of €10,000.00 per annum for the next three years.