Does Tayto Park have WIFI?

Yes we have WIFI here in Tayto Park, Users can access this through their email address.

What facilities are available for guests with disabilities?

Guests with disabilities can avail of the reduced admissions price of €12 as well as have a carer accompany to Tayto Park them for no admission cost.  

Guests with disabilities can purchase wristbands at a reduced rate of €14 . This cannot be purchased online and must be purchased on the day of visit on production of valid ID. Carers must also have a valid wristband in order to use the activities. 

We understand that some of our Guests may experience difficulty with queueing for extended periods of time. For this reason, we invite you to use the Member's entrance when arriving to the Park.

In addition, if a guest wishes to avail of the Adventure Zone attractions, a Ride Assistance Pass may be obtained from the reception desk in the Admissions building. This allows your party to avoid the queue on up to 6 attractions of your choice during the day in conjunction with valid wristbands or tokens.

Please note there are a limited amount of passes avail and ID is essential. Ride Assistance Passes are reserved for guests who do not understand the concept of queuing or may become agitated or distressed when queuing for prolonged periods of time. Ride Assistance passes must be used in conjuction with a valid wristband. 

Please note that we request you to present some form of ID when availing of our special needs rate for general admission, or when obtaining this ride assistance pass – be it an Autism Ireland or associated membership card, Documentation that states the nature of disability or a GP letter, for example.

If there is anything else we can facilitate you with please do not hesitate to call us on 01-8351999 or enquire at the admission office on your arrival. 

Job Vacancies

Tayto Park is fully staff for the coming season of 2018. 

Is there an ATM on site?

There is currently one ATM on site. It is located in the admissions building.

Where do we collect our Tayto Crisps?

Crisps can be collected in the Crisp collection hut on exiting the park.

Where do I collect my park photographs?

Photos can be collected from Park Pix in The Eagle's Nest . If it is the Cu Chulainn pictures , they will be available from the photo hut by the rollercoaster , The Viking Voyage photos will be located in the photo hut in the Viking Village. 

Will Mr. Tayto be here? What time? Where?

Mr. Tayto visits the park every day at 11am, 1pm, 3pm & 5pm. He is located beside The Pizza Place & Talking Tree- Please see todays events for more details.

Can I exit and re enter the park?

Re Enty to Tayto Park is not permitted. 

Can we feed the animals?

Our animals are fed a specially formulated diet to help keep them looking crisp-tastic, so please don’t feed the animals.

Is there a bus From Dublin to Tayto Park , what cost and what times?

Yes , we are delighted to announce that Bus Eirean provides a daily service from Dublin city center  to Tayto Park that departs from Berford place. 

Other route that run to Tayto Park are available from Blanchardstown , Duleek , Drogheda , Ratoath ,Asbourne & Kentstown. 

Services are daily when park is open .

View 103 timetable here

View 105 timetable here 

For more details and timetables please visit the Bus Eireann website.

Lost Children/ Parents

If you lose your adult or are an adult who has lost their child, please look for any member of Tayto Park staff .The staff will help you reunite! A great Idea is to write the adults contact details down and give them to your child . This way we can contact you if you become separated. We have blank child identity bands available from the admisisons office for ths purpose. 

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash and most forms of Debit and Credit Cards. We do not accept Diner Cards or American Express. Please note we cannot accept streling or personal cheques. 

We can accept sterling notes but not coins and change will be given in Euro. 

Smoking Policy

We ask all visitors to please refrain from smoking in Tayto Park. There are designated smoking areas within the park, these areas are the only areas where smoking is allowed in the park. Our staff will be happy to direct you to the nearest one upon request. Smoking is not allowed in any other outdoor space, queue, restaurant, shop or attraction and cigarettes are not sold on site. You will be asked to put out your cigarettes by our staff members.

Can we get a refund if the weather is bad?

Tayto park regrets that refunds will not be issued due to inclement weather. If you come prepared you will still have a great day!

What time do the shops & Ticket offices close?

The gift shop  and the adventure zone ticket office will close at park closing.

Are Pre booked tickets refundable?

Unfortunatly pre paid tickets are non refundable on day of visit. If you contact the admissions office 24 hours prior to your booked visit we can change the date for you. 

How can I avail of group rates?

For Groups of 30 or more, you can pre book in advance with the admissions office and receive a reduced rate of €13.50pp/€16.00* for entry only or €27/€32* for entrance and a wristband

A booking must be made in advance of your visit and can only be offered to groups of 30+. Group booking Terms and conditions apply. Please call the bookings office on 01-8351999


Off Peak/Peak *

Can I bring Scooters, Trikes, Footballs etc to Tayto Park ?

Unfortunatly certain Items like Tricyles, Rollerblades, Pull along wagons, Heely's, Push -Trikes, Sccooters & Footballs are not allowed in Tayto Park

Only Trikes with sufficant brakes( in accordance with our regulations) and regular childrens buggies/prams will be permitted

What age can children be on the park on their own?

Tayto Park requires that “No child or children under the age of 18 will be admitted to the Park unless they are accompanied by an adult, who shall be 18 years or over. Children must remain under the control or supervision of an adult at all times"

Are Dogs allowed in the Park?

We are only able to permit registered assistance dogs.

I want to visit more than once, are there any discounts?

Unfortunately Tayto Park offers one day only passes. You can however upgrade your day ticket to a membership. That way you can visit the park as many times as you would like during season. Please ask the admissions office for more details.

Can we camp at Tayto Park?

Regrettably we do not have a camp site, we do however recommend any hotels in the locality. Some of these hotel's also have packages with us for overnight stays and trips to Tayto Park. 

Tayto Park Disability Guide

Tayto Park offers a Ride Assistance Pass. 
Please click here to view our disability policy.
Please read through the sections to help you plan your day in Tayto Park
We aim to make our attractions as accessible as possible, save our guide below to see rides 
which are suitable for you. You might like to print this or save it to your phone to use on 
the day. 

Is there a petting farm area in the zoo ?

Yes we have a seasonal petting farm located in our Zoo , where guests adged 3 and over can inteact with our Pygmy Goats, sheep and other farmyard friends.

It opens daily during July & August from 12-3pm . Unfortunately during inclement weather we may have to close the petting farm.

Children under the age of 3 years and pregnant women are not permitted. 

Can I rent a wheelchair?

We do not have wheelchairs to rent onsite but we do have mobility scooters to help you get around the park if needed. 

Mobility Scooters are €15 to rent per day. We do charge a security deposit of €25

€40 must be paid upon rental and €25 will be refunded when mobility scooter is returned.

Please do contact info@taytopark.ie to reserve a scooter  on peak days .

Visiting the Park

How much are tickets?

We offer an individual entry ticket for adults and children at €15/€17.50* or €30/€35*  entry with unlimited rides. We also offer group, school, special needs rates- please see the tickets page for further information.

If you pre book online in advance of your visit you will receive additional discount of €28/€33* entry with unlimited rides

*(off peak/peak)

Do we have to pre-book our tickets?

Tickets can be pre booked in advance on our website for the reduced price of €28/€33* for Park Entry & Unlimited Ride Ticket. You can always purchase your tickets for the regular price on the day of your visit from the admissions office. You can select to pre book tickets on the "book tickets" tab on our website. However you will not be able to select to buy tickets for the same date as purchase. This does not mean we are sold out. We have tickets for sale in the admissions office in Tayto Park.

*Off peak/peak

What time is the park open until?

This varies from season to season, please see our opening hours for more information.

Can you just go to the Zoo and not the theme park?

Your admission price includes entry to both the zoo and theme park as and there is no way for us to restrict visitors to the just the zoo areas.  That means all tickets include both parts.

What does the admission ticket include?

Your €15 Admission ticket includes all day admission to the park, where you can visit the Tayto Crisp Factory Tour, guests can visit our Dinosaurs Alive exhibition, hop on our Road and Steam Train,  visit our Zoo which has over 100 types of animals, make use of the many playgrounds around the park and the free face-painting and Arts & Crafts. Entry does not include the attractions in The Adventure Zones. Additional costs apply for the attractions in the Adventure Zones like the rollercoaster and power surge. 

Are activities like the zip line included in the ticket price?

Due to height restrictions on rides in the adventure zone, tokens or wristbands are required to use these rides and are not covered in your entry fee.

How do I book a school/Group trip?

To book a school or Group trip call 01-8351999 or visit the School tours page

Are there any special offers?

Please keep an eye out for an special events/offers on the events page or on Tayto Parks Facebook , Instagram Or Twitter accounts

How much time does it take to get around the park?

We recommend that you spend all day to enjoy the Park. We do suggest though that you need at least four hours to see everything.

Is there a petting farm area in the zoo ?

Yes we have a seasonal petting farm located in our Zoo , where guests adged 3 and over can inteact with our Pygmy Goats, sheep and other farmyard friends.

It opens daily during July & August from 12-3pm . Unfortunately during inclement weather we may have to close the petting farm.

Children under the age of 3 years and pregnant women are not permitted. 

School Tours

What happens if it rains on the day?

Tayto Park is an outdoor park. Everything will operate as normal for your tour should it rain. We do advise to bring rain gear and a change of clothes.

Are there lockers/areas for us to leave our bags?

Unfortunately, there are no lockers available in the park. We do have set down areas for students to leave their bags. This is at owner’s risk and we do not recommend that you bring any valuables on your school tour.

Can the students bring their own lunch?

Yes. We have plenty of picnic facilities available throughout the park. Students also have the option of adding on a lunch package should they choose to do so.

** Please note this must be pre-booked **

How long can we spend in the park?

Included in your package is a full day entrance to Tayto Park. You can spend the entire day in the park if you wish.

How many teachers/guardians do you recommend?

We recommend 1 teacher/ guardian per 10 pupils.

Do we have a staff member with us for the entire day?

Each group will have a tour guide to meet you upon entrance and bring you on your tour. You will then be free to enjoy the park.

Can pupils use their membership to gain entrance on our school tour?

Unfortunately, School tours do not work in conjunction with memberships. Each pupil must be under the school tour package.

Can we enter the park prior to our tour time?

You can enter the park earlier than your tour time if you wish but you must return to the admissions office 15 minutes before your tour time.

What times are available for school tours?

We offer two time slots for school tours 10:00am and 11:30am


I have lost or have had my membership card stolen, what do I do?

Contact the Admission office and we can cancel your old card and  re-issue you with another one on your next visit to the park.

I have forgotten my membership card, but want to visit?

That’s no problem, on the rare occasion that this happens we can search your name manually on the system. You will be asked to provide ID. Please ensure that your contact details and photographs are up to date.

Can I upgrade my day ticket to Membership?

Yes. We operate a "Try before you buy" policy here. If you wish to visit the park and then decide to become a member, we will upgrade your ticket to a membership before the park closes on the day of your visit.  

Keep your receipt and upgrade to a membeship on your way home. We will take price paid in  (the same amount of people as the membership) off the price of a membership at the end of your visit. 

Please note : if you wish to upgrade to a membership with wristbands you may take the price of entry and wristband off your new membership. If you only wish to purchase an entry only membership , we will only take entry price off. 

How do I renew my membership?

Unfortunatly we cannot process memberships or renewals over the phone. Memberships can only be renewed or processed  in the park, as you are required to complete a renewal form. 

How do I become a member on the day that I visit?

As we don’t sell memberships untill after 3pm you can pay normal admission upon entry or advanced booking online, keep your receipt and upgrade to a membeship on your way home. We will take price paid in  (the same amount of people as the membership) off the price of a membership at the end of your visit. 

Please note: if you wish to upgrade to a membership with wristbands you may take the price of entry and wristband off your new membership. If you only wish to purchase an entry only membership, we will only take entry price off. 

Do You have a members entrance?

Yes, on the left hand side of the Admissions building there is a members entrance. 

Who can use my membership?

Only the people named and photographed on the membership are allowed to use the Tayto Park Membership. Any misuse of this will result in membership being revoked. 

What does a membership with wristband include?

You can purchase a membership with wristbands included. Prices can be found here http://www.taytopark.ie/visitor-information/family-membership.

This membership will include entrance and an all day wristband for all of those named and photographed on your membership. You can collect your wristbands when you check in on each visit. 

Normal Height/weight restrictions and Terms and condition apply. 

Adventure Zone

What time do the rides close?

The queues for the rides will close upon park closing time. 

Will the rides work in the rain?

The Park operates normally in the rain including all rides (all rides are subject to availability on any day of your visit).

What are the activities that I need Tokens/Wristband for?

All activities in the The Eagle Sky Adventure Zone and Eagles' Nest require either tokens or wristbands. 

These include The Tayto Sky Walk, The Tayto Twister, Zip Line Extreme, The Rotator, The Superhero Training Wall, The Viking Voyage, The Cu Chulainn Coaster, Power Surge, Air Race, Endeavour, Windstar, The Power Surge, The Nissan Driving School at Tayto Park, The Shot Tower, The Honey Pot Bears, The Leap frogs, The 5D cinema, The Grand Carousel ,The Rockin Tug, Ferris Wheel  & Mr Tayto’s Pony rail . *Please note The Eagle Sky areas have height restrictions of 1.3 metres and 1.2 metres on some activities for safety.

Where do we buy Tokens/Wristbands and how much are they?

Wristbands and Tokens can be purchased in any of the 3 ticket offices. The Offices are located in the Eagles Nest, Beside the Honey bears, The 5D cinema and the main Gift Shop  

Tokens are €1 each.

Please Note: You cannot purchase tokens in advance on our online booking system.

What are the height restrictions for the rides?

The height restrictions for the rides  are approx. min 84 cm, 1.1m, 1.2 or 1.3m for most of the rides in the Eagle Sky Adventure Zone, however, there is also an area for children with smaller height restrictions.

Can you use your tokens to buy things in the shop?

The tokens are only redeemable on the rides in the adventure zones and cannot be used as payment in the Gift shops or restaurants.

Can I go on the rides if I’m wearing a cast?

All rides require guests to brace themselves, therefore guests with broken limbs or casts are not permitted to ride, for their own safety and the safety of others.