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World of Raptors

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World of Raptors is now open!

Don’t miss our spectacular free flying bird of prey exhibit and discover some of the world’s magnificent and majestic birds.

Our ‘World of Raptors’ exhibit features 15 rare birds of prey at our brand new open air seating arena. Bigger, better and a first of its kind in Ireland, the team at Tayto Park have invested over €750,000 in a 450 open air seating arena allowing visitors a very rare up, close and personal experience with these magnificent species! 

Visitors to the ‘World of Raptors’ at Tayto Park will get the opportunity to see various species of eagles, owls, vultures and falcons from all over the world take part in a free-flying demonstration at the parks recently constructed open air seating arena. Not only will you get to feel the whizz of wind as an eagle flies past, aerial displays featuring the world’s largest eagles and fastest birds of prey, impressive vultures and iconic owls, visitors to the ‘World of Raptors’ will also learn all about these majestic species with educational talks from the bird of prey team.

Some facts:

Tayto Park has 15 birds of prey – 5 vultures, 5 eagles, 3 falcons, 2 owls and a secretary bird.
Tayto Park World of Raptors has the largest American vulture, the King Vulture and a Secretary Bird who is native to the Sahara Desert.
Conservation – Tayto Park is committed to conservation both locally and globally and strives to connect people with nature and to inform, empower and inspire people to act. Tayto park support the ‘Golden Eagle Trust Limited’ which is a charity dedicated to the conservation and restoration of Ireland’s native birds, including the barn owl.

The show is approximately 25 minutes. Check out Daily Events Board for times.

No Food or Drink permitted in the arena.

  • No selfie sticks.
  • Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to show time in order to take your seats.

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